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Founder of C&S Resiliency Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Arthur J. Simental M.S.

Mr. Arthur J. Simental is an Adjunct Instructor, Homeland Security & Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert and the Founder of C&S Resiliency Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Simental has a decade of service in Government, Homeland Security & Emergency Management and Emergency Services. Serving at the local, county, regional, state level and in the private and non-profit sectors in homeland security, emergency management, healthcare, space & defense, security and education working with critical infrastructure facilities.

Mr. Simental has held various positions including: Fire Fighter/Wildland Fire Fighter, Hazmat Team Member, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, Emergency Manager, Disaster Coordinator, Regional Homeland Security Analyst, Training & Exercise Coordinator, Facilities & Safety Coordinator. Mr. Simental has served in multiple positions at incidents and exercises, including deploying to several Type 1 and Type 2 incidents to include initial attack (wildland fires) and Presidentially declared Major Disasters.

Mr. Simental possess a Master of Science in Homeland Security, Emergency Management and Public Health from Colorado Technical University, a Bachelor of Arts in Emergency and Disaster Management from American Military University, an Associate of Applied Science in Homeland Security/Emergency Management from Pikes Peak Community College, and an Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity from Colorado State University. Presently, Mr. Simental is a doctoral student, pursuing a Doctor of Management in Homeland Security from CTU.

Mr. Simental’s research interests include homeland security & emergency management, surveillance, intelligence and criminal justice, cyber-physical systems, geospatial intelligence, real-time multi-modal data analysis applications, space & defense, catastrophic incident planning, and holistic innovative research on addressing threats, hazards and risk from a systems perspective to achieve systematic resilience across the homeland security enterprise.


Ms. Tina Bynum, D.M., M.P.A.

Dr. Tina Bynum is the University Program Director for the College of Security Studies at Colorado Technical University. She presently serves on the editorial review board of the Journal for Homeland Security Education andis a member of the International Society for Preparedness, Resilience and Security (INSPRS). Dr. Bynum co-authored Homeland Security: Safeguarding the U.S. from Domestic Catastrophic Destruction (2016), and The United States Department of Homeland Security, An Overview (2Ed, 2010). Dr. Bynum also authored a chapter, Whistleblower or Traitor? in Logan, K. G., Homeland Security and Intelligence (2017, 2 Ed).

Dr. Bynum graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Doctorate of Management – Homeland Security, and from the University of Colorado with a Master of Public Administration and a BA magna cum laude with High Distinction in Psychology.

Dr. Bynum previously served as the Associate Director of Operations and Educational Programs at the Center for Homeland Security, part of the National Institute of Science, Space and Security Centers at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She also served as the Associate Director for the CU-Trauma, Health and Hazards Center at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, where she developed a peer support program for police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel to help them with building resilience, coping, and recovering from traumatic occupational experiences.

Dr. Bynum teaches courses in criminal justice, emergency and fire management services, public administration, and homeland security. A retired firefighter and emergency medical technician, she also volunteers as a senior emergency response planner for her local community and the state.

Dr. Bynum also has over 30 years of business administration, operations and finance management, accounting, and grant-writing experience from her positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as having a distinguished history of volunteer work with emergency services, military veterans, and youth programs in her community.

Dr. Bynum’s research interests include exploring the social, governmental and economic implications of public policy on homeland security and criminal justice.